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Oahu, Hawaii

Over the summer, I had the privilege to go to Hawaii for two weeks. BootsnAll’s article 10 Reasons to Visit Hawaii Now seemed to be a really accurate portrayal of the highlights of the islands, not some phony way to make tourists flock to a favorite vacation spot.

There isn’t much to say about this post because the photos say it all. Stunning Vietnam Photography by David Terrazas. Vagabondish has his album linked to their page.

Since this blog was started for a multimedia journalism class with a lot of focus on social media’s role in the world of journalism, I found it fitting to feature Gadling’s Top 5 Social Media Destinations.

Tim Leffel’s blog post 7 Ways to Offset Your Round-the-World Travel Expenses is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to find when I started this blog. He suggests teaching English, freelancing, nannying, or working on a farm abroad to save money on your travels.

I went on a study abroad trip last summer with a Dutch teacher. We all found out quickly that his biggest pet peeve was the assumption that the Netherlands are only good for their infamous lax drug and prostitution laws. In tribute to him, who taught me so much about life and travel, here are 20 things the dutch are known for besides legal marijuana, clogs and cheese. Thanks Art of Backpacking!




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October 8, 2010 at 4:59 pm

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free fallin’

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One day this will be me! (Photo/Dan Wayland)

Number 1 on my bucket list, once I find the guts, is to skydive. Vagabondish’s article highlights the best places to skydive around the world.

While most people love to travel, most also hate the dreaded 3-day car ride it can take to get across the country, when avoiding airfare. Here are Tripbases’ 55 ways to enjoy a long car ride. While most of these are best suited for children, when you are trapped in a car, desperate times call for desperate measures. So next time you’re on a road trip, retreat back to your toothless days and enjoy yourself!

As someone who has never really backpacked, as in no more than one day, I’ve always wondered how you decide what to pack. All the things you once thought were necessary don’t seem so important when your pack’s weight starts rising. Poor travel blogger give’s a detailed description (complete with photos) about what gear he packs on his trip. Also helpful are the comments left by other readers.

Like I said in my last post, travel is usually thought of as a selfish adventure to get away from the hustle and bustle of real life. Cheap travel tips (one of my new favorite blogs, btw) tells why traveling is actually beneficial for our health. Next time you want to take a trip–don’t feel guilty, pretend it’s doctor’s orders!

Everyone needs a little trashy news–and, hey, at least this one pertains to travel! Apparently, Paris Hilton got denied access into Japan. This article by Gadling has a few speculations as to why.

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September 24, 2010 at 6:10 pm

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movin’ on

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One of my favorite travels is up to the mountains when the leaves are changing. I can't wait for fall!

Post number 2, woo hoo! Still trying to be as cohesive as possible, carrying themed blog posts throughout each of my posts. I tried my best to do some of the same categories from last week, but I just get so excited when I see something new!

1. Travel tip
2. Travel in U.S.
3. Cheap travel
4. Backpacking
5. Wildcard: Volunteering

1. Travel tip:
Not so much as tip, as a heads up. This article by Gadling lists the top 10 pickpocketing cities. Pickpocketing is a traveler’s worst nightmare. The article isn’t meant to scare, but I thought it was something people should be aware of.

2. Travel in the U.S.:
Again, a posting by Gadling (I guess they’re just good). This one is about the drive they deem the most beautiful in the United States. What’s more fun than a roadtrip?

3. Cheap travel:
The whole reason I chose to do a travel blog was because I love to travel, but unfortunately do not have a money tree growing in my backyard. Yes, I sound just like my mother. But seriously…getting around the world (in semi-style) aint cheap! This post by Tim Leffer gives tips about how to travel throughout Asia cheaply. They also link a few helpful sites, which is always nice. Enjoy!

4. Backpacking:
turned me on to this awesome competition in the world of backpacking. He has asked that people turn in a 3-5 minute video describing what aspect of what city they want to be a part of for a 6 day backpacking adventure. The winner will receive airfare to nearly any city (up to $1,000) and hostel accommodations (up to $200) for 6 nights. How awesome!?

5. Wildcard: Volunteering
As they say in this article, travel can be a very selfish act. You take a trip to whereever you want to take care of yourself and your needs. But this doesn’t always have to be the case. Volunteering your way around the globe is a great way to travel cheaply while helping people around the world! BootsnAll gives a rookie’s guide to volunteering, complete with links to other helpful sites to get your expedition under way!

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September 20, 2010 at 2:07 pm

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