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Trips to countries you thought were impossible, or nearly impossible now seem achievable, thanks to Adam Seper and Boots’n’All for 10 Difficult-to-Visit Places and How to Get There. Includes: Bolivia, Vietnam, India, Russia, China, Libya, Iran, Cuba, Syria, Lebanon and Israel.

From a Swiss prison to an igloo in Finland, Antony Ham of Lonely Planet explores Europe’s most unusual hotels.

Since Thanksgiving is next week, I thought including  Gadling’s Lauren Miller Seattle’s Sunday Suppers: Top Restaurants Host Family Style Meals was appropriate. I know a lot of families that choose to spend their Thanksgiving meals dining out; they end up saving a lot of money but minimizing the amount of food they waste.

Again, this blog was started for a multimedia journalism class.  We often talk about the effect Twitter has on the world of journalism. In Using Twitter to Pressure Airlines: It Works Scott McCartney of The Wall Street Journal talks about how Twitter is also used to affect the airline market.

A big downfall of starting a new hobby-maybe backpacking, for example-is the overwhelming amount of products out there to help you out. Art of Backpacking’s Michael Tieso’s My Backpacking Filming Setup helps narrow down the choices for film equipment for a backpacker.


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November 7, 2010 at 3:58 pm

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